Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 more things bartenders hate

As the weather gets warmer , it's time to break out the spring wardrobe and open toed shoes and hit the bars for what I like to call Cocktail Season out. Although it means busy shifts for bartenders increased crowds size will inevitably lead to annoyance and frustration as people will have forgotten during the pre season most manners and etiquette drink break.

Ensure that you get the most out of your bar and dining experience , here are 10 more things bartenders hatred and should be avoided .

10. The "Hey bartender , " dude . Yes , we see you . We know that you are waiting . But shout to get our attention will only put you at the end of the line . If that tactic actually worked do not you think anyone would call our names ? Show some patience . We will as soon as we can to get you , I promise

9. Flutes , your fingers and hit your glass on the bar to pay . Did you lose your dog? Are you trying to keep a cab No? There is absolutely no reason for you to whistle or snap your fingers to get our attention. Worse , the cavemen mentality 'm afraid glass , you will soon . " In fact, that pisses us off even more than calling our names . If you do not think we make the effort to articulate a sentence worth then you are not worthy of our time and alcohol . So there .

8. Tantrums . Very rarely will bartenders deny a customer a favor or request . However, there are times when we just can not do or give you what you want. It may be against the policy and out of our hands . Throwing a fit because you can not have your way just abundantly proves to us that you do not have to be an adult to drink ... you have to be 21 only.

7. Liar , liar , pants on fire . Everyone knows that there are three sides to every story : yours , the other person , and the truth . Bar owners and managers know that if you file your complaint against us and make yourself an innocent victim that they already know you 're full of nonsense. If you have a legitimate complaint , be honest about what really happened . You will get to take responsibility for your actions than if you attributed everything to the bartender a better result. Most times it is simply a misunderstanding .

6. With the help of our names to the door . Dropping the name of the bartender at the front door to cut the line, especially if you do not really know what the bartender is a great offense . First, you 'll look like a jerk , and secondly , you're the bartender like a jerk . If you are really someone on staff you would have to let them know that their mobile number on the door or get your name on the list in advance . Once we learn of your little stunt you get . Serious talk And do not think that we will not find out. Bouncers let these things slide .

5 . Tell us how to make drinks . You make a drink in your basement for your friends ? Congratu - freakin - tions . We make drinks for the cost . We use what we call ' work ' recipes', and most of them are not that dusty Mr. Boston Bartender 's Bible , or you just for parties . Most of these recipes are recycled from the days of Prohibition , and are not precise or even correct, no matter how short you bought it . Our knowledge comes from experience . But if you want an ingredient omitted or changed to your preferred drink let us know . Barking drink recipes telling us that we do not make us whether it is good just to do us harm. And you will not like us when we get angry .

4. Comparing us to other bartenders . You're off the hook with the Tuesday night bartender ? Great, but today is Thursday . I 'm not them and I do not know you. Do not think that by whining about how the other bartender charges you less or give you a double room for the price of a single will want me to do the same. All you have achieved is to say that the other bartender is steal me.3. Tell us who's next . Thank you , Lord , for telling me that the beautiful girl on the left is next to be served . I'd never been to figure that out on my own . Unable Newsflash , buddy . We know who's next . We always know who's next . Bartenders have a panoramic viewpoint from behind the bar so we can see everything and everyone . And while you ' gesture ' a point or two can score with the ladies it gets you nowhere with us . And it will not get them served quickly ... unless they actually were the following .

2. Talking on your cell phone while ordering . Hang up the phone and order your goddamn drink. We will not be forced to ' hang ' while you chat with your buddy while he parked his car at the corner of the bar . In fact we do not want to stand waiting to be paid while you multitask talk and search for your wallet there. If you have our attention , all right. When you receive your drink , pay us . It's that simple.

1. Stupid questions . Questions like : "Did you make " good drinks What would you do if we said no , suck our cocktails or Seriously ? "What kind of drinks do you ? ' ? Have you never been in a bar ? And my favorite, " you know how to make cocktails here " The only place where this idiotic question is acceptable in a wine beer joint. If you have rows of alcohol behind the bar, those words never pass your lips . Ask what is on tap could go either way . If you are not surprised in front of the taps as the bartender points just to them . Some customers may call it laziness or rude , but do you have any idea how many times we recite them ? Give us a break .

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