Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bartending Terminology

In the bartending world, there are often technical terms that my seem difficult to a first-timer. Since we’re so fine and cool, we’ve put up a list of the most common terms you will encounter, so your friends won’t make fun of you:

  • After-Dinner Drinks
Drinks typically served after a nice meal. A perfect topper for the evening.
  • Box
Pour into and out of a shaker, usually only once. Gives the drink a quick mixing without shaking.
  • Call Drink
A liquor and mixer, of which the liquor is a defined brand. (ie. Tanqueray and Tonic, Bacardi and Coke)
  • Chaser
Consumed immediately after a straight shot of liquor to create a different taste.
  • Cobbler
Any liquor served in a collins or highball glass with shaved or crushed ice and garnished with fresh fruit and mint sprigs.
  • Cocktail
Any of various alcoholic beverages consisting usually of brandy, whiskey, vodka, or gin combined with fruit juices
  • Collins
A drink akin to a sour which is served in a tall glass with soda water or seltzer water.
  • Cooler
A drink consisting of ginger ale, soda water, and a fresh spiral or twist of citrus fruit rind.
  • Crusta
A sour-type drink served in a glass that is completely lined with an orange or lemon peel cut in a continuous strip.
  • Cup
A punch-type drink that made up in quantities.
  • Daisy
An oversize drink of the sour type, normally made with rum or gin.
  • Eggnog
A traditional holiday drink containing a combination of eggs beaten with cream or milk, sugar, and a liquor such as brandy, rum, or bourbon.
  • Fix
A sour-type drink similar to the daisy.
  • Fizz
An effervescent beverage.
  • Flip
A chilled, creamy drink made of eggs, sugar, and a wine or spirit.
  • Frappé
A partially frozen, often fruity drink.
  • Grog
A rum-based beverage with water, fruit juice and sugar.
  • Highball
Any spirit served with ice and soda water in a medium to tall glass.
  • Julep
A drink made of bourbon, mint, sugar and crushed ice.
  • Lace
Last ingredient in a recipe, meaning to pour onto the top of the drink.
  • Lowball
A short drink made of spirits served with ice.
  • Mist
A liquor served over a glass filled with crushed ice.
  • Mulls
A sweetened and spiced heated liquor, wine or beer, served as a hot punch.
  • Neat
The consumption of a spirit as a straight.
  • Negus
A punch-like combination containing a wine, such as port, heated with spices and sweetened.
  • Nightcap
A wine or liquor taken before bedtime.
  • Nip
A quarter of a bottle.
  • On The Rocks
Poured over ice cubes.
  • Pick-Me-Up
A drink designed to relieve the effects of overindulgence in alcohol.
  • Posset
It consists of a mixture of heated ale or wine curdled with milk, eggs, and spices. An old british drink from which the eggnog was derived.
  • Puff
A traditional afternoon drink made of equal parts spirit and milk, topped with club soda and served over ice.
  • Punch
A party-size beverage consisting of fruit, fruit juices, flavorings and sweeteners, soft drinks, and a wine or liquor base.
  • Rickey
A drink made a liquor, usually gin, a half lime and soda water.
  • Sangaree
A tall chilled and sweetened wine/liquor garnished with nutmeg.
  • Shooter
A straight shot of whiskey or other kind of spirit taken neat.
  • Shrub
Spirits, fruit juices, and sugar, aged in a sealed container such as a cask or crock, then usually bottled
  • Sling
A tall drink made with either brandy, whiskey or gin, with lemon juice, sugar and soda water.
  • Smash
A short julep made of liquor, sugar, and mint.
  • Sour
A short drink consisting of liquor, lemon or lime juice and sugar.
  • Supercall
Also known as top shelf or super premium. The high octane, often higher proof alcohols.Sweet and Sour mix

  • Sweet and Sour
Mix can be made with 1 – 1 1/2 tbs. Lemon Juice and 1 tsp. of Powdered Sugar
  • Swizzle
A tall, traditionally rum-based cocktail filled with cracked ice.
  • Syllabub
A beverage made from a mixture of sweetened milk/cream, wine and spices.
  • Toddy
A sweetened drink of liquor and hot water.
  • Tot
A small amount of liquor.
  • Virgin

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