Thursday, June 5, 2014

Qualities in a Great Bartender

I think you have the qualities to be an awesome bartender? Take a look at our list of the best qualities we think every bartender should swing a little magic behind the bar.

1. Multitasking
Can you handle several tasks at once? As a bartender, you often need. You want to be able to participate and interact with the guests, make drinks, and even help keep your bar clean all at once.

2. Communications
Communication skills are important quality of any successful bartender. You want to be able to easily engage and communicate with your guests. The better your communication, the better your customer service. It can often be difficult to exactly what type of beverage guest looking or maybe your bar does not carry their favorite beer or alcohol. Great communication will allow you to establish a relationship with the guest and help meet their needs. The result? Happy guest, great tips, and a great bartender.

3. Organization
You organized? Great bartenders must be organized. When the bar is busy you will not have time to look for your cocktail shaker, your key bar, or skim the shelves to find the liquor you need. Organization is key!

4. Flexibility
To be successful as a bartender, you'll also want to be flexible. Most bars are busiest on weekends and late at night. Be prepared to work with other than the typical 9-5 hours. They may be fine hours for students!

5. Attitude
Inevitably in a bar you from time to time to deal with belligerent or rude individuals. Having a great attitude is important in how you handle these guests. For other guests great attitude helps clients communicate and interact with you. They will most likely tend to tip well and even return regularly.


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